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Toshi Nakamura
Toshi Nakamura »
Co-Founder and CEO

Toshi co-founded Kopernik in 2010 to connect simple, life-changing technology with people in the last mile.

Ewa Wojkowska
Ewa Wojkowska »
Co-Founder and COO

Kopernik was born from Ewa's desire to more effectively address development issues.

Daniel Paterson
Daniel Paterson »
Engineering Fellow

Proud to be Kopernik's first Engineering Fellow, Daniel is working to transform the organisation from a purchaser/distributor to a designer/manufacturer.

Desita Jayanti
Desita Jayanti »
Program Associate

As a Program Associate for the Wonder Women Eastern Indonesia program in East Lombok, Desita provides support and guidance to Kopernik’s Tech Agents.

Ina Saptiono
Ina Saptiono »
Communications Officer

Passionate about public campaigns, Ina helps Kopernik to support its public advocacy activities related to women’s economic empowerment through energy access.

Robertus Apollo
Robertus Apollo »
Program Assistant

As a Program Assistant for the Wonder Women Eastern Indonesia program in West Flores, Robert is responsible to provide a range of support and guide to the Tech Agents.

Alit Ferdian
Alit Ferdian »
Program Associate (Business Development)

As a Program Associate for Business Development in North Aceh, Alit is responsible for providing support to Kopernik’s Tech Agents through various stages of development.

Dimas Fauzi »
Program Associate (Larantuka)

Dimas is a Program Associate for Kopernik's Wonder Women of Eastern Indonesia in Larantuka, East Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

Yudiandra Yuwono »
Program Officer (Maumere)

Yudiandra is a Program Officer with Kopernik’s Wonder Women Eastern Indonesia program and will be based in Maumere, East Flores, Eastern Indonesia from early 2016

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