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Toshi Nakamura
Toshi Nakamura »
Co-Founder and CEO

Toshi co-founded Kopernik in 2010 to connect simple, life-changing technology with people in the last mile.

Ewa Wojkowska
Ewa Wojkowska »
Co-Founder and COO

Kopernik was born from Ewa's desire to more effectively address development issues.

Riska Damayanti
Riska Damayanti »
Senior Program and Food Safety Officer

As a Senior Program and Food Safety Officer for the Depot Desa project, Riska will help Kopernik establish the food safety protocol in two Depot Desa in East Flores.

Danu Wower
Danu Wower »
Operations Officer (Accounting)

As an Operations Officer in Accounting, Danu will support the program teams with budget administration, monitoring and financial reporting to donors.

Kadek Agustina
Kadek Agustina »
Operations Assistant

Kadek makes sure that Kopernik’s office space is well-maintained and clean, so everyone can work efficiently and effectively.

Haikal Achmad
Haikal Achmad »
Senior Operations Officer (Logistics)

As Senior Operations Officer, Haikal leads logistics and asset management for all projects across the country.

Desita Jayanti
Desita Jayanti »
Program Associate

As a Program Associate for the Wonder Women Eastern Indonesia program in East Lombok, Desita provides support and guidance to Kopernik’s Tech Agents.

Ina Saptiono
Ina Saptiono »
Communications Officer

Passionate about public campaigns, Ina helps Kopernik to support its public advocacy activities related to women’s economic empowerment through energy access.

Robertus Apollo
Robertus Apollo »
Program Assistant

As a Program Assistant for the Wonder Women Eastern Indonesia program in West Flores, Robert is responsible to provide a range of support and guide to the Tech Agents.

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