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Toshi Nakamura
Toshi Nakamura »
Co-Founder and CEO

Toshi co-founded Kopernik in 2010 to connect simple, life-changing technology with people in the last mile.

Ewa Wojkowska
Ewa Wojkowska »
Co-Founder and COO

Kopernik was born from Ewa's desire to more effectively address development issues.

Sekar pamungkas
Sekar Pamungkas »
Program Associate (Business Development)

Sekar supports our Wonder Women Western Indonesia program in Bojonegoro, East Java, helping our 'wonder women' tech agents to develop new entrepreneurial skills and expand their businesses.

Sergina Loncle
Sergina Loncle »
Communications Manager

Gina enthusiastically leads our communications team, promoting Kopernik’s mission and encouraging innovation for sustainable development.

Devi Yuliawati
Devi Yuliawati »
Finance Intern

A student of Lund University in Sweden, majoring in international management and development, Devi is interning with our Finance team at Kopernik HQ.

Rino Sudibyo
Rino Sudibyo »
Operations Director

Rino leads our Operations team, ensuring timely, efficient and effective finance, human resources, and administrative support is provided across our field offices and at Kopernik HQ

Dayu Yamaswari
Dayu Yamaswari »
Senior Analyst

Dayu has joined Kopernik's monitoring and evaluation team to help improve how we track and measure our impact.

Indah Fadhilah
Indah Fadhilah »
Program Assistant

Indah handles administration and finance in our Bojonegoro office, in East Java, Indonesia.

Fera Ketti
Fera Ketti »
Program Associate (Monitoring & Evaluation)

In her role interviewing technology users and 'wonder women' micro-social-entrepreneurs in rural communities, Fera hopes she can bring more smiles to people in the last mile

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