Japan Tsunami Response
Phase Four

Providing Solar Ears to disaster survivors who lost their hearing aids in Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011.

Solar Ear
Hearing Aid
  • A solar charger with 2 rechargeable hearing aid batteries 
  • Can fit any behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid and last 2 to 3 years
  • Can be charged via sun, household light or using a Nokia cell phone charger
Solar ear

This project has been fully funded.
Thank you to all who contributed.


Many people lost their hearing aids in the earthquake and tsunami. Normal hearing aids require the batteries to be changed every week, a difficult situation in a location ravaged by natural disaster where the supply chain has been broken.

How we can help: 

We can connect solar-charged hearing aids with hearing impaired survivors of the disaster. The hearing aids, rechargeable batteries and solar-powered chargers will be distributed to people who lost their hearing aids in the natural disaster.

Who we are helping: 

We will reach people in Rikuzentakata City, in Japan's Iwate prefecture.


The products will be distributed by the Secretariat for the Support of the Hearing Impaired in the Earthquake Affected Area, with the generous support of Winroader, a logistics company.

Timeframe for implementation: 
April 2011
Reaching 39 people
Local Partner Contribution: 

Using its experience and networks, the Secretariat for the Support of the Hearing Impaired will distribute the Solar Ears to people most in need.

Project Costs: 
Cost TypeCost DescriptionCost Unit AmountCost QuantityCost Amount
Product - Solar Ear
Cost of the technology
Shipping, clearance, and local duty
Wire transfer fee
Paypal/other processing fee
3.3% average based on average size of project and average donation amount
Kopernik 10%
Fluctuations in currency exchange rates and shipping costs may change the final quantity of technologies we ship for this project.


Rikuzentakata City , 03

A huge Kopernik thank you to the 44 people who pitched in $23,179.00